Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Speech Disorder - Language Delay - ASD - Accent Reduction Therapy

Designed2Shine Speech Therapy Pathology offers a range of services to children of all ages. If you found your child is a late talker, having difficulties to follow instruction, speech is not clear enough to understand, we can help your child in various ways to recover these problems. Not only that if any adult has accent problem or if you think your communication skill is  blocking to gain success, we can help you by developing your communication skill. This will also help you to increase your English speaking skill.

    •     Speech/Articulation
    •     Language
    •     Dyspraxia
    •     Stuttering
    •     Social Skills
    •     Early Reading, Writing & Spelling
    •     Auditory Processing Disorder
    •     Autism Spectrum Disorder  

Communication skills are very important for job performance, educational advancement and everyday life activities. If you face any of the following situation, modifying your accent will show the way of relief and success.
    •     experience frustration from continuously having to repeat yourself
    •     avoid social interaction with those who have trouble understanding you
    •     focus on your accent more than on what you are trying to say

Location: Mindful Wellness Centre, 46 Birdwood St, Box Hill South VIC 3128

Sessions also available at: Advocate Medical Centre, 6 Landale St, Box Hill, 3128

Email: designed2shinespeech@gmail.com

Mobile: 0415 181 278